Siobhan Elliot - Company Message
Sound Healing

I've loved music since I was born. Our parents immersed us in classical music, folk, jazz and blues from birth, and I asked if I could learn the cello when I was 8. I've sung in choirs and played in orchestras and ensembles since then, and I take singing lessons for my own enjoyment. Sound Healing is the most natural thing in the world for me to study, so when the opportunity arose I took it.

We all know how different sounds make us feel. Heavy metal and rap produce totally different feelings and emotions to a big band sound, or an orchestra playing Mozart. Playing or singing with other people can be totally uplifting and energising. How many people arrive at choir or orchestra practice feeling angry or anxious or depressed, and leave feeling energised and jubilant?

Sound can change our brain waves - and our DNA. Sound is used in some medical procedures, such as the breaking up of kidney stones. Experiments have shown cancer cells being destroyed by sound. Every part of our bodies resonates at its own frequency, and as our bodies are largely composed of water (and water is excellent at conducting sound) the application of sound through the human voice or musical instruments can produces extraordinary effects on a physical, emotional and mental level.

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