Siobhan Elliot - Company Message
Face Rejuvenation Massage

Like other muscle groups, the muscles in our faces can hold on to stress and tension. Facial lines appear as part of the skin's natural ageing process, and when the skin is lacking in hydration and nutrients. Facial skin can lose its elasticity and suppleness over time.

Face Rejuvenation Massage (also called Natural Lift Facial Massage) is a deeply relaxing, gentle treatment. Massage brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin by boosting circulation, and lymphatic drainage aids the removal of waste and excess fluid while helping to drain your sinuses. Massaging the face also helps to relieve tension in your facial muscles and tissues.

People who have Face Rejuvenation Massage with me enjoy the deep relaxation it brings, and often say how much fresher and more radiant their complexion looks.

Face Rejuvenation Massage can be a session in its own right, or can be combined with Face Reflexology. It isn't suitable if you've recently had Botox or Facial Fillers.

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